Eric Eisher is a designer specializing in imagining a better world and having fun.
Currently at Amazon Music in San Francisco applying over 10 years of tinkering with companies like Instacart, Robinhood, MOG, Sony and more.
Please excuse the inconvenience here, but you'll have to make your screen wider to see my work. I started my progress on this portfolio ago and will be updating daily until necessary. This is a testimate to releasing early and often. Mobile friendly is coming next.
Product Launches (Highlights)
Over the past few years I have helped some of the world's fastest growing companies bring their first products to market.
Amazon Music
Prime Music Launch
Robinhood's First App
First App Icon
First iPad App
Product Creator
iOS Launch
I currently lead the experience for the future of Search and Web Playback of Digital Music at Amazon. Some highlights over the past two years have been designing the first Digital Shopping Cart on, the redesign of our Album Detail Pages, creating the new Purchase Flow and Thank You Page for Digital Music, and launching Prime Music on Web and Mobile Web.
I led the product ideation, research, and creative effort of Habu at Gravity Mobile / Gracenote back in 2010. The goal of Habu from a product perspective was to solve the problem of having 20 million songs at your fingertips, but nothing to play — When you have that many options choice paralysis becomes a real problem. Our solution was to reduce the amount of input users had to make to start a listening experience. Once playback began, users could refine their experience over time to get a truly personalized radio to fit any mood. The goal from the design perspective, however, was to introduce a product that utilized a framework I have been calling “Introspective User Interfaces”. These are UIs that aim to build extremely functional interfaces that also tell the user a bit about themselves and the world around them. The larger aim is to get people thinking more about the world around them and how they fit in it. Case Study coming soon.
I created the brand identity for Instacart back in 2012. Max Mullen and I met in 2011 when we rode down to SXSW with Startup Bus. I was completely enamored by his unflappable personality and sharp wit, so when he told me that he’d be joining Apoorva Mehta on a project around ‘Bringing a grocery store to your phone’, I immediately asked how I could contribute. At the time, Instacart was just in Beta and the head quarters was in Max’s living room. Instacart had no logo or personality and I remember Max suggesting that he wanted the brand to feel like ‘Your Neighborhood Milk Man.’ That quote was really the inspiration for the hand shaped lettering and illustration style I brought in to their identity when they first launched. Since their launch, I’ve continued to help them grow by building their marketing assets for physical and digital ad campaigns in San Francisco and their expansion efforts in Chicago.
Work In Progress
I started working on this portfolio ago and will be updating daily until necessary. This is a testimate to releasing early and often.